The old adage says: «  2 têtes valent mieux qu’1 »,Therefore, Make Sense increases creativity.

Creative Factory, is a hub for students who want to demonstrate and test their ideas in concrete projects et professionnal issues.

But these students are not trainees!  Make Sense  hires students on part-time contracts during their school year.

« With four students who commit to work 4 hours per week on creative files, brains overheat, ideas overflow, logos proliferate, websites are quickly developed and the pleasure to work makes the ideas strong and alluring ».


« At the Creative Factory, students exchange, share, compare and build on each other’s ideas… It overflows with inventiveness ! makesense gives gray matter and creative intelligence a good shake to stimulate and bring ideas to life: a sure recipe for buzzing and creative alchemy!


Their hiring process is particularly drastic. To get the opportunity to be selected and obtain part-time contracts, students have to come for advanced creative interviews and they need to demonstrate a perfect command of the main design and web development softwares as well as of digital marketing.
A code of conduct was written with care to lay down the golden rules as well as behavioural expectations.
If you are a student interested in joining the Creative Factory, please send your application with your book at
If you are a company, visit our page Creative for rent; and try our “creative headrenting” concept. For half a day, a full day or to carry out a project, Make Sense  can rent you a creative head in the following fields: meeting and brainstorming session management event monitoring, professional network update, newsletter writing based on information gathered in your services, organization of original media briefings… or simply discussion and reflection on selected topics…
Make Sense provides the creative head that you need and leads the project!